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The investment journey that started in 2021 is about to mature into its 4th year



With more than $350 million raised, the portfolio startups have boosted their growth & are ready for scaling



With more than 100+ startups working on diverse sectors, the investment opportunity expands each year with promising tech



With more than 2500+ applications from major APAC countries, LCE is growing bigger each year

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LowCarbon Accelerator, run by Massive Earth Foundation (MEF), is Asia’s biggest accelerator program for early stage Climate Tech startups and receives more than 400 + applications all across Asia.

The Climate tech startups incubated through MEF various programs have so far raised more than $350 mn and present some of the most deep tech / emerging companies in the area of Microplastics, Cooling, Textiles, Renewables, and Agriculture.

If your fund is looking to invest in Climate Tech deals in Asia-Pacific, then we have built a strong pipeline of deal flow for you. As an investor, to access this deal flow, fill in your details using the below link and we will reach you.

Cohort Profile

Our program thrives on collaboration and support from our diverse network of partners including Strategic Partners, Investment Partners and Outreach Partners who share our mission to enable high-potential startups to deploy low-carbon solutions at scale.

Breakdown of applications split according to the country.

Breakdown of applications split according to sectors

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