LowCarbon Earth

LowCarbon Earth is the Asia Pacific Low Carbon Lifestyle Accelerator, launched as a collaborative effort by the United Nations Environment Program and Massive Earth Foundation. It supports start-ups that make sustainable goods and services more readily available. From low carbon mobility options to products that reduce plastic waste, to solutions that reduce the carbon footprints of our lifestyles.

LowCarbon Earth holds a vision to create a prosperous but not wasteful society, and an economy that is self-sustaining. Individual efforts may seem like drops in the ocean however, the impact made by these efforts in lifestyle and consumption patterns by millions of people will make significant contributions towards a more sustainable Earth.

United Nations Environment Program

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is the leading global authority on the environment. UNEP’s mission is to inspire, inform, and enable nations and people to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations. For over 50 years, UNEP has worked with governments, civil society, the private sector and UN entities to address humanity’s most pressing environmental challenges – from restoring the ozone layer to protecting the world’s seas and promoting a green, inclusive economy.

UNEP’s work is focused on helping countries transition to low-carbon and resource-efficient economies, strengthening environmental governance and law, safeguarding ecosystems, and providing evidence-based data to inform policy decisions.

Massive Earth Foundation

The Massive Earth Foundation (MEF) is a non–profit organization, with the vision to effect actionable policy, research, and project for the Pollution Reduction / Climate change Industry. MEF is also working to build a vibrant ecosystem to support innovation & scale through partnerships, investments, and ecosystem building in the area of Clean Cities, Clean Energy, Clean Mobility, Smart and Sustainable Agriculture, Waste Management and the sustainable built environment.

Low Carbon Earth Support Passionate Founders Catalyzing Climate Action In The Asia Pacific.

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