On a Voyage to Solve Climate Change

LowCarbon.Earth Climate Accelerator took off in 2021 when Massive Earth Foundation
joined hands with UNEP to fight climate change through investments, innovation, and technology.

LCE 2021 (1st edition)

The first edition of the LowCarbon.Earth took off in 2021 with a special focus on developing products that provided a low carbon lifestyle. It was a massive program sparking participation from many Asia-Pacific countries with promising products, novel technologies and highly innovative tech solutions that upturned the way we approach engineering by providing solutions that not only solved core problems but also benefited the environment.

The first edition of the climate accelerator was successfully concluded in Delhi with more than 5 startups receiving grants to the sum of $10,000, providing them the capital boost to scale their vision.

LCE 2022 (2nd edition)

The second edition of LowCarbon.Earth in 2022 built on the success of the inaugural event, focusing on low-carbon lifestyle products and technologies. It saw significant participation from Asia-Pacific countries, showcasing promising innovations and cutting-edge solutions that addressed core environmental issues.

The second edition attracted over 300 applications from the Asia-Pacific region. featuring startups whose climate-focused technologies impressed investors and hinted at the future of green tech. LCE’22 ended with 12 shortlisted startups presenting their innovations to investors during the demo day.

LCE 2023 (3rd edition)

The 3rd edition of the LowCarbon.Earth was launched on the ceremonial World’s Environment Day on the 5th of June. Having gained momentum from the previous edition, the 3rd edition of the climate tech accelerator program went wide in its scope and received 400+ applications from many Asia-Pacific countries. This edition of the program also witnessed marvelous participation from young entrepreneurs, women led founders, and startups from minority groups whose climate based technologies and products impressed all the investors providing a glimpse of green tech that’s to come in future.

LCE’23 was successfully concluded in Novotel, Bangkok with 14 shortlisted startups attending the demo day to pitch their products to the investors.

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